Whistling Shade is a literary journal and small press located in St. Paul, MN. We take a populist approach to literature and our audience is the general reading public. Whistling Shade is published semi-annually and we have been in print since 2001. See our Subscriptions page to purchase a subscription or individual issues. Whistling Shade Press also publishes books. To receive announcements about issue and book releases, join our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook.

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Whistling Shade's Fall/Winter 2020 issue is now available! You can download a $1 PDF below, or buy a print issue from our Subscriptions page. This issue features a profile of early American writer Washington Irving, memoirs set in a World War II prison camp and the island of Crete, fiction by Tony Rauch, Orit Yeret and Jeremy Wenisch, poetry by Cindy Buchanan and Greg Watson, and much more.

The theme for our 2021 issue will be, quite appropriately, "The Plague". Send us your pandemic-inspired memoir, poetry, and fiction by June 1.

Whistling Shade is seeking a volunteer webmaster to maintain (and possibly overhaul) this website. For more information send email to admin@whistlingshade.com

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New books from Whistling Shade!

The Neighborhood Division - Jeff Vande Zande

Jeff Vande Zande's latest story collection travels down the shady lanes of the American neighborhood. From kids egging windows to lost joggers and insomniacs to basement prisoners and Orwellian gated communities, these stories grow ever more surreal, holding a darkened mirror up to that which we are - and may become.

Castle Bash - Julian Bernick

A narrative poem in the Romantic tradition, Castle Bash is Byronic in character, Gothic in atmosphere, Romantic in outlook and Lovecraftian in scope. When a bastard poet is given safe haven and patronage at the tenebrous Castle Bash, mystery, passion, and the forces of hell converge upon its benighted inhabitants. This is the second title in Whistling Shade's Geste Series.

Encounter in Prague - Jarda Cervenka

Jarda Cervenka's fifth collection of stories ranges from gold panning in the jungles of Colombia to fossil hunting on Corsica and sailing off the Florida Keys. But at the center of the collection is Prague, Cervenka's home town, which he fled in the wake of the Soviet invasion of 1968 - an event recounted in his story "Tanks and Quantum Mechanics in 1968".