Whistling Shade is a literary journal and small press located in St. Paul, MN. We take a populist approach to literature and our audience is the general reading public. Whistling Shade is distributed to cafes, book stores, libraries and other locations in the Twin Cities; our print circulation is 2500 semi-annually and we have been publishing since 2001. Whistling Shade Press also publishes books. To receive announcements about issue and book releases, join our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook.

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The Fall/Winter 2016 issue will have a historical theme. Whether it's a nostalgic look back at being young in the 1960s, an 19th century seafaring yarn, or a chivalric tale set in the Middle Ages, we want to read it. Send submissions with "Historical" in the subject header to fiction@whistlingshade.com (fiction) or editor@whistlingshade.com (memoir). We will also consider poetry with a historical setting. Deadline is August 30.

Our current issue, Spring/Summer 2016, features a special Nature Poetry section. In its pages you will also find a memoir involving a Paris gangster, fiction featuring Boundary Waters campers, mental asylums and Paul Robeson, a thoughtful take on writing workshops by Margaret Hasse, the whacked out grand finale Justin Teerlinck's "Bingo in Bedlam", and a tribute to Joy of Cooking. Enjoy!

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New books from Whistling Shade!

Our Shades of Myth poetry chapbook is now available! Order your own copy for just $3!

Detroit Muscle - Jeff Vande Zande

An Oxycodone addict just out of rehab, Robby Cooper has debts to pay and a pregnant ex-girlfriend. As Robby struggles to jump-start his life on the crumbling streets of Detroit and its suburbs, his grandfather Otto invites him on a fly fishing road trip to northern Michigan. Driving his grandfather's '68 Firebird, Robby begins to understand how his family's dysfunction spans generations...

Gyuri - Marilyn Baszczynski

Marilyn Baszczynski's narrative poem Gyuri follows the story of her parents' hardship and romance in WWII-era Hungary. Gyuri is the first book in Whistling Shade's new imprint of narrative poetry books, the Geste series. Click here for details.

What if i got down on my knees? - Tony Rauch

“Tony Rauch is reviving the bodies of love and mystery and laughter. He knows where the bodies are buried and is digging them up beautifully. And we are all the better for it.”

—Patrick Wensink