Whistling Shade - Spring/Summer 2020

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


Believing - Kim Venkataraman

Raskind - Tim Millas

the breakdown - by Tony Rauch

March Weather - by Andrew Peters

Essay & Memoir

Gift Horse - Mia Sara

Wiley - Lee Henschel Jr.

A Long Time Coming - Yeats' "The Second Coming" Turns 100 - Joel Van Valin

Listen to Me - Words and the Amplified Voice - John-Ivan Palmer

Fun Patrol: Letters from the Beginning of the End - Justin Teerlinck


On the Dock of Infinity - Joe Albanese

In His New World - Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

Peony Martini - James Croal Jackson

Bye Love You - William Huhn

Nathan Hale - James Mckenzie

June 8, Still Spring - Cameron Morse

True Story - Jane Flint

Marble Converse - Ruth Berman

The Mirror - Rachel Tramonte

Emily as We Invent Our Souls - Darren C. Demaree

"Stay Out, Stay Alive" - Don Thompson

One of Several Jobs - Garret Keizer

The Genealogist - Christopher Wiles

Ophelia - Raymond Luczak

Things We Hardly Notice - Greg Watson

Is this the zombie apocalypse everyone talks about? - Donna Isaac

Texting from Heaven - Mark Rhoads

Connected - June Blumenson

Infinite City - Will Walker

Memorex - Carol Rucks

Fire Extinguisher - Matthew J. Spireng

At Least a Start - Marjorie Power

Feral Cats - Jeffrey Essmann


Nordic Accordion by Bart Sutter

Poetry Reviews in Brief - June Blumenson (A Scythe of Moon), Gwendolyn Jensen (Graceful Ghost), Ethna McKiernan< (Swimming with Shadows)

Retrospective - Highlights of Past Issues

Blackout by Mike Finley (Fall/Winter 2018). A frequent Whistling Shade contributor, Mike Finley passed away this summer at the age of 70.


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