Common Pitfalls


We at Whistling Shade like well-told stories about interesting characters, doing interesting things. An artistic and original style is also very important - the language itself must be part of the art. Make the story sound like your story, and not a story that any writer could have cranked out.

Common things that go wrong in the stories we receive...


We don't get as many non-fiction submissions, so it is much easier to get a piece accepted in Whistling Shade! We particularly like articles about authors and their work. Essays about other artists and personal memoirs are also considered. Even beginning writers can pen an engrossing memoir by sharing a unique experience.

Common mistakes in non-fiction submissions...


A lot of the things said above about fiction are also true of poetry. Our definition of a poem is what someone presents to us as a poem. It might be a cooking recipe or a rant about a boyfriend (those would probably not be good poems). It might also not happen to have line breaks. In the best poetry, however, the language itself becomes the art. Many devices (alliteration, enjambment, rhyme, meter) can be employed to heighten the language, but each poem should also be original and create its own rules.

Common mistakes in the poems we receive...