Whistling Shade - Fall/Winter 2020

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


Between Love and Alien Abductions - Tanya E. E. E. Schmid (published online in Flash Fiction Magazine)

The Sleigh Bells - Jeremy Wenisch

maiden voyage - by Tony Rauch

five more things (about aunt bunny you may not have known) - by Tony Rauch

Two Women - by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Project Touch - by Orit Yeret

Essay & Memoir

Hidden Corners - Phyllis Carol Agins

The Nazi and the Pear Tree - L.N. Loch

The Legend of Washington Irving - Joel Van Valin

Fun Patrol: Fruiting Bodies - Justin Teerlinck


Students Skating at Rockefeller Center - Terence Culleton

Offerings - Matthew J. Spireng

lonely lady - JBMulligan

My Father Was a Surgeon - Celia Meade

The Fish are Rising - Cindy Buchanan

‘Twas a bright but silent morning - I. D. Brannan

Elvis Presley: June 21, 1977 - Greg Watson

10K - David Habib

It Was Enough - Christopher Kuhl

Heartrate - Cameron Morse

Keats on the Train - L. Ward Abel

We Owe the Dead the Truth - Gwendolyn Jensen

Benburb St - DS Maolalai


The World Out There by John Talbird

Master of Deception by John-Ivan Palmer

Retrospective - Highlights of Past Issues

So Much by Mary Logue (Summer 2014).


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