Whistling Shade - 2022

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


We're Waiting, Mivina - Jordan Dilley

What It Takes to Disappear - Judy Myers

The Tangle - Stephanie French-Mischo

we spotted them over by reyes canyon - Tony Rauch

The Little Princess - Jeffrey Wald

Essay & Memoir

Every Other Friday - Anonymous

Six-Month Trial Period - Cyndy Muscatel

Fun Patrol: It's Good for You - Justin Teerlinck


Joyce and the Lions - William Miller

How to Arrive - Julia Chiapella

Rats - Elizabeth Hurst

Ready - Lynn Hoggard

a five-haiku walk - JBMulligan

Siblings - Yvonne Higgins Leach

Unlike Poe - Philip Athans

On the Blue - Seth Benton

A Seizure - Burt Beckmann

Mermaid's Tears - A.E. Schulz

Ego Sum Pauper - Ruth Holzer

The Lesson - Ana Pugatch

Alloys - Michel Steven Krug

Salem Vigil - DB Jonas

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Are Wilting - Meredith Davies Hadaway

Villanelle - Lanette Sweeney

Lapse - Rob Cook

With My Father in the Airforce - Mark Rhoads


Light Rolling Slowly Backwards by Ethna McKiernan

Another Kingdom and Nightmare Feast by Andrew Klavan

Field Guide to Invasive Species of Minnesota by Amelia Gorman

Speaking in Riddles by Sharon Chmielarz

Retrospective - Highlights of Past Issues

The Last Battle of My Water-Gun Years by Eric Mein (Spring 2003).


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